Gentleman 65 SE/Wood R2 Resources

Thanks for purchasing the Gentleman 65 SE/Wood R2!

Please note:

  • Do not to overtighten screws during your build. When you feel resistance, the screw is secure. For case screws, the head of the screw should be basically flush with the base.
  • The brass weight is pre-installed for protection during shipping.
  • Bumpons and knob screw/s are also pre-installed. 
  • Hotswap PCBs are flashed with the latest firmware. 

FOR SOLDERED PCBs ONLY (please ignore for hotswap PCBs): From the factory, the soldered PCBs were flashed with firmware that did not support VIA. To utilize VIA for your soldered PCB, it is necessary to flash the PCB with the firmware that supports VIA (download here). 

Upon opening VIA, go to the settings page and enable the “Show design tab”. Next, go to the design tab, click the load button, and then upload the .json file (download here). Gentleman 65 soldered PCB firmware is awaiting approval by the VIA developers. Once approved, you will not need to load the info.json file as your keyboard will be automatically be recognized upon opening VIA in the configure tab.


    After viewing short build guide video below, please contact us if you need any assistance. Email or create a support ticket on discord and include your order number.