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The Gentleman 65 Suited Edition aims to provide high levels of customization, unique features, and end game quality all at an accessible price. The board features a burger top mount for plates and an option for plateless mounting on soldered PCBs. The Gent SE will be offered in Bead Blasted Polycarbonate, E-Black Aluminum, E-White Aluminum, and Mint Anodized Aluminum. The rear exposed brass weight and the knob add to the board's premium and minimalistic aesthetic, while the board's sound profile is accentuated with precut tape PCB backings.

Estimated fulfillment is 3 weeks after the date of purchase. 

PC and Alu comparison sound test 

Plateless sound/flex test

Gentleman 65 SE build video by Squashy Boy

Gentleman 65 SE polycarbonate review by nearLucid


-Unbuilt Weight:  Aluminum~1300g (2.9lbs)
Polycarbonate ~ 900g (2lbs)
-Dimensions: 108.25 mm x 317.80 mm
-Typing Angle: 7 degrees




Included in the Box

-Top Case
-Bottom Case
-Plate (If chosen)
-PCB with RGB underglow support
-Brass Weight
-4 Crepe paper PCB backing tapes
-8 8mm M1.6 mounting fasteners
-16 Mounting O'rings
-9 12mm M2 case screws
-3mm M3 knob set screw

Product images include some 3D renders which are provided for illustration purposes only. Final colors may differ slightly.

Delivery is estimated at approximately 3 weeks from order date, however, delays are possible. Please also note that international buyers may be required to pay customs fees. Refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee.